Reduce Cloud Data Storage Costs Through Cloud Computing

Cloud data storage is one of the most advanced and new buzz in the IT industry. With increasing concerns over managing the massive amounts of data collected by businesses each day, new storage strategies are emerging. As the volume of data continues to grow, IT departments around the globe are seeking new storage options that will better manage their data. The cloud is one such solution that promises to make managing large amounts of data easier and simpler than ever before.

Cloud storage is basically a virtualized network that utilizes a multi-tenant, managed infrastructure to offer businesses highly scalable, cost-effective storage options which can be instantly provisioned as needed by the company. The benefits of cloud data storage are clear: it offers companies instant access to their data no matter the location or time, it eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades and it reduces IT costs by reducing overhead and consolidation of memory, hard drive and other computer components. In short, cloud storage allows IT departments to efficiently utilize their existing IT resources while reducing IT costs and maintaining higher levels of productivity.

The process of deploying a cloud data storage platform begins with choosing the appropriate cloud provider. There are two types of cloud providers: those that utilize the public cloud and those that utilize private cloud data centers. A service provider can be either an individual company or a company comprised of multiple companies. Public cloud providers usually provide their services to a single customer, whereas private cloud data centers host multiple clients at the same time. A number of private cloud data centers exist today at major financial institutions, hospitals and other medical centers. Many times these centers are also rented by various other companies.

Through understanding the industry impact of the swiftstack application, one should be able to understand how it is using the cloud in data storage. Through the use of the cloud data storage framework, companies can save both storage and bandwidth cost through a proactive approach. Through this, a company need not make any modifications to its current infrastructure. Since companies are able to get access to the tools they need at any time, they are also able to make updates as they see fit.

SwiftStack is seen as the ideal platform for storing enterprise data because of its features that address three main concerns. The first concern is addressing security concerns that may arise from storing large amounts of sensitive information on the network. This includes securing the secure data storage and the network itself. The second concern is the lack of upfront cost for installing the system, as well as managing IT and maintaining servers.

One of the challenges for any company that relies on IT and data security is keeping up to date with the latest threats. SwiftStack is designed to address this concern. With this platform, a company is able to easily configure data security and access permission policies. Apart from this, it also provides features that help data be secured while in transit. Through this, a company is able to address the ongoing challenge of securing its data in the cloud.

Another challenge that companies face is the management of huge amounts of data. There are two ways to address this issue. The first method is to purchase more disk space or an additional hard drive. However, both these options have significant limitations. Furthermore, many companies cannot afford to maintain their own IT department just to keep an eye on their huge data storage needs. This is where cloud storage services would come in handy.

Since cloud computing allows organizations to save money by reducing IT expenses and investing in a reliable and secure cloud storage services platform, it is gaining popularity in both the private and public sector. With the increase in its demand, companies are scrambling to find quality solutions that will allow them to reduce their data centers footprint. SwiftStack is one of the solutions offered by cloud computing providers which promises to help reduce a company’s IT costs.